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Spring Canyon ecosystem restoration trip, Oct. 8, 2023

After her presentation to Sarracenia in September, landowner Helen Roth gave members a tour of her 100-acre restoration in the sandhills-and-ravines system of western Gadsden County (not far from Torreya State Park). Helen's rehabilitation work has focused on the longleaf pine sandhill community, where fire had been excluded for many years, and on the previously impounded Crooked Creek ---now flowing free again. On this splendid early fall day, native wildflowers were fairly rioting in vivid colors where Helen's fires now sweep the land again in simulation of aboriginal conditions. (The contiguous holdings of three FNPS members here amount to a thousand acres, all of it under rehabilitation.)

The landowner and guide makes a point in the sandhills undergoing rehabilitation



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Published on  July 15th, 2024