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Sarracenia Chapter field trip Sep. 21, 2019, St. Marks NWR

The end-of-summer field trip visited three sites in the Panacea Unit of the Refuge ---one a pine flatwoods site, one in sandhills, and one in transition to hammock. Wildflowers of interest were flowering in diversity in each place. They included three Florida endemics of extremely small range: the asters Godfrey's blazing star (Liatris provincialis) and zigzag goldenaster (Pityopsis flexuosa) and the legume "scareweed" (Baptisia simplicifolia). The party also walked up on a plant never before recorded for the Refuge or Wakulla County ---netleaf leather-flower (Clematis reticulata). The species is now in the books for the Refuge and the County.

Here's a photo slideshow you may enjoy from the field trip.

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Published on  August 11th, 2019