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FNPS Tallahassee Regional Field Days, May 13-14, 2023

The annual conference of the Florida Native Plant Society was still virtual in 2023 but it was followed in the next month by three in-person Regional Field Days held in widely distributed places with participants invited from the entire state. Sarracenia teamed up with the Magnolia and Sweetbay Chapters to produce the two-day Tallahassee Field Days. The theme was Restoration. Participants chose two field trips (with field lunch included) from four organized: Spring Canyon restoration in Gadsden County; Tall Timbers Research Station in Leon; Apalachicola Lowlands restoration tract (Coastal Plains Institute) in Liberty, and Apalachicola Nat. Forest sites in Liberty and Franklin. Everyone could attend a session of presentations and panel discussion produced at the IFAS Research Station at Quincy, this hosted by IFAS staff and the three chapters.

Catered picnic in Apalachicola Nat Forest concluding Day 2     Photo by David Roddenberry


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Published on  July 15th, 2024