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2-15-20 Field Trip - Horn Springs, Leon Co.














With the gracious help of the Florida Park Service, and splendid weather, Sarracenia took to the field for a journey to Horn Springs ---a feature set in a tract of nearly 2,000 acres recently added to Natural Bridge Battlefield State Park. The spring (its pool pictured below) is second magnitude, contributing an appreciable part of the flow of the nearby St. Marks River. We botanized, of course, with the aid of Park Service biologists. Among the plant features were specimens of the green-fly orchid (Epidendrum conopseum) and some very large bald cypresses (Taxodium distichum). Among the tree constituency of the relatively undisturbed, swampy floodway of the River are Florida elms (Ulmus americana) like the one to whose impressive "curtain" buttresses the group was drawn in another photo below.      Photos by Kitty Loftin































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Published on  August 11th, 2019