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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

6:30 PM

(A Virtual Meeting on Zoom)


Kelly Thomas

The Biology and Ecology of the Endangered Ashe Magnolia

No tree in Sarracenia Chapter country is more striking than the Ashe magnolia. However, this Florida Panhandle endemic, spectacular in leaf and flower, belongs to the slope forests —a shady habitat of limited occurrence. The tree’s numbers are too small to stand much shrinkage.

Kelly Thomas will describe the status of Ashe magnolia and the findings from research she has coordinated on its way of life. Your appreciation of this native gem of the Panhandle will be enlarged.

Ms. Thomas is an agroecologist with the UF IFAS center in Quincy. Her research interests and passions include not only endangered plants and plant communities, but also land conservation and sustainable living and landscaping practices.















Published on  April 11th, 2021